Thursday, March 8, 2007

Roxiejr's scion article

I'm writing a short entry for a site called Whyville, which you can get to by going to: I'm writing about the scions, or cars, that you can get in Whyville. I have three of them. I bought them for 17,683 clams; 35,649 clams and 36,849 clams. That's a total of 90,181 clams that I've spent on scions! I don't really know why I buy them, I just like them. Whenever a more expensive scion than the one I have at the time comes out I feel as though I have to buy it because they're so amazing!
This is my most expensive scion, and my most recent acquisition.
This is my second one, and my favorite.

This is my cheapest and first scion, but it looks rather awesome if I may say so myself.
Those are my three scions and I'll most likely buy some more in the near future.
Something that helps in buying Scions is the new loan program, Scion Solutions. Scions cost more than many Whyvillians can afford. Whyville Scion Solutions, sponsored by Toyota Financial Services, is there to loan you clams to help you buy a Scion in Whyville. If you get a loan, you'll be expected to pay a certain number of clams every week until the loan is paid off. If you don't pay promptly, your car will be taken away from you. If you don't pay back your loan, that's called defaulting on your loan, and the lender will take back your car. You have a certain amount of interest you have to pay back on your loan. This is determined by many things, such as how long you've been on Whyville, how many visits you make per week, your weekly income, how much cash you have right now, how many times you've been reported in the last three months, if you are a senator, ymail helper or homeowner, etc. All these things add up to a score called a Credit score and is a number between 300 and 850. The higher your score, the better loan you will get. While your loan is still needing payment, you cannot use your Scion, and you won't be able to until it is completely paid back.

Scions are able to be driven around whyville, to certain spots like the airfield, whysquare and the beach. There are only two parking spots for Scions per page so if you want to show off your scion at North Beach and there are already two Scions parked, you'll have to wait until they leave to do so. You can invite people into your Scion by saying, "Invite (name)." If you don't invite them, they cannot come in, so you don't have to worry about people coming in unwanted. To embark on your journey just say, "Drive." This takes you to another page. Inside your Scion! Before the car starts moving everyone has to put on their seatbelts. Great lesson for real life! After everyone says, "Seatbelt," the car starts to move and takes you to wherever you would like to go. You don't have to get out until you want to, but to get out you say either, "Stop," or "Go to (place)."

That's about all the information about Scions that I know, and I know a lot! If you want more you should talk to one of the City Workers, or ask me and I'll look it up. So go get an account and save up for a scion, they're amazing!